We encourage you, as a member of UFWDA, to display our logo on your website. This shows your support and helps deliver our message to more people in the off-road community. Each of the four sizes listed below have been optimized for sharpness and color at the size displayed.

If one of the sizes doesn’t fit your exact requirements download the next largest size and reduce as needed. For those with Photoshop we have provided a PSD file sized at 800 pixels. This contains the logo in a separate layer over a white background. The example contains a soft drop shadow which may be removed. The background can also be removed for use on dark backgrounds.

To link to our website please use the following HTML code:
<a href=”http://www.ufwda.org”>insert your text or logo link here</a>

VIEW: Click the links below to view the image in a smaller version.

DOWNLOAD: Right-click and choose “Save link as…” or “Save target as…” from the browser menu. Please do not link directly to the images on our server.

UFWDA Logo – 100 pixels – ufwda-logo-100pixels.jpg

UFWDA Logo – 200 pixels – ufwda-logo-200pixels.jpg

UFWDA Logo – 400 pixels – ufwda-logo-400pixels.jpg

UFWDA Logo for Photoshop – 800 pixels – 1.8MB
This image contains a drop shadow that can be removed if desired.

UFWDA Logo – 1600 pixels – CMYK – TIFF format (MS/PC format, ZIP’d 2.4MB)
UFWDA Logo – 1600 pixels – CMYK – TIFF format (Mac format, ZIP’d 2.4MB)
Approx. 5″ across at 300 dpi resolution.

Conservation Volunteer Program Logo

Volunteer Trail Patrol Logo

If you have a special requirement that’s not covered here please let us know by sending an email to info (@) ufwda.org.